Gentlemen, this one's for you. 

The men's runways raced ahead at full throttle, unveiling a spectacular array of effortlessly cool looks that seamlessly merged growing streetwear styles with timeless silhouettes. Many designers presented simple yet captivating styles with intriguing reinventions, giving a fresh spin to some classic pieces you likely already have in your closet. We've rounded up a selection of brands and styles for your perusal, aiming to provide a stylish kick-start to those in need or a refined boost to the already fashion-forward man. So, read on if you dare.

Let's kick off with layering, a core principle here at Matti D. Deliberate layering creates outfits that blend various prints and styles, crafting looks that exude confidence and individuality. Louis Vuitton, when they were helmed by the late Off-White designer Virgil Abloh, showcased unique examples of layered ensembles. Starting with a base layer—a collared shirt, a hoodie, or a button-down—Abloh built upon it, adding floral bombers, puffer coats, and even sport coats atop street-style-ready hoodies. Take it a step further by leaving the collared shirt partially unbuttoned to reveal a graphic tee underneath. While pairing such diverse pieces may seem daunting, a little practice is all it takes. Whether starting with a neutral or bold piece, aim to contrast the layers for a polished, fashion-conscious look.

Next up, don't shy away from mixing textures in your daily outfits. For the everyday man, a wardrobe centered on comfort likely revolves around a great pair of jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. We're here to elevate your style game. Basic styles can be elevated with unique textures and fabrics, and taking it a step further by pairing contrasting textures adds depth to your look. At Prada, woven shirts coexisted with hefty tweeds, while sporty fabrics complemented wool suits. Thinner fabrics benefit from the weight of heavier ones on top, creating a harmonious balance. Mixing textures not only showcases your fashion knowledge but also demonstrates your ability to harmonize pieces that others might overlook.

At Michael Kors, volume took center stage, especially with the coats. While we're lucky enough to bask in the perpetual sunshine of Southern California, a good coat never goes out of style. Coats cascaded past the knee or hit right at it, all in timeless patterns. Tartan prints added a refreshing touch to deep olive greens and light browns, while longer checked gray coats contrasted with silky separates underneath. The weight and volume of these coats lend balance to an outfit, instantly elevating your look. So instead of reaching for an old, worn hoodie, opt for a stylish coat that effortlessly pulls your ensemble together.

Men's fashion may sometimes be overlooked, labeled as boring or limited. But we beg to differ. Like women's fashion, it simply requires a bit of effort to unlock its full potential and add a unique flair to your wardrobe. Numerous brands showcased innovative ways to upgrade your style, making everyday outfits feel more refined yet comfortable. Fashion isn't meant to be daunting—it's an expression of your personal style, regardless of your background, identity, or destination. We hope you'll take our tips and make them your own.