Your Summer Color Report: 2019

Image Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Mexico
Written by Peyton Haahr

It’s June 1st, so we’d like to think that Summer has officially begun here in sunny San Diego. With the advent of all things warm, beachy, and relaxing, comes a whole new wealth of color options and trends for your fashionable adventures. It’s easy to revert back to the classic jean shorts and tee - we still love them, don’t get us wrong - but it’s also exciting to update those classics with a trending twist to take your look to the next level. Today, we’re focusing on color, and nailing down the tones that stood out on the runway among the blacks and whites. These colors have the ability to give coherence and unique qualities to an otherwise everyday look. Switching up the color scheme of your outfit can be a wonderfully easy update to your wardrobe without fussing with trends that are out of your comfort zone or nothing close to your style.

First up: powder pinks were seen on several high-fashion runways. The delicate tone was reminiscent of dancers and ballerinas, something fit for a princess but not sanctioned for a child’s costume dress or a fairytale ballgown. At Marc Jacobs, the blush pink was seen in billowing dresses and bold tops and skirts. Even buttoned overcoats were drenched in the color, and were mixed beautifully with other pink tones to create a dynamic, almost monochrome look. Some outfits featured bursts of bold, bright pinks, while others were combined with deep burgundy reds or wine colors. At Brandon Maxwell, a pink carpet was rolled out for models to strut down in bold, uniquely colored outfits. Crimson reds stood out against electric pinks, and even shining teals and marigold yellows graced the stage. While not numerous, a few looks featured a luxurious powdered pink, crafted in pleated skirts and dresses. And even though the tone is not in-your-face bold or incredibly eye-catching, its presence was felt and offered an air of sophistication and elegance.

Many look at this tone as strictly feminine - and as a color not quite applicable to their style. Sure, we understand that those who desire a more masculine or androgynous look may not care for this tone. For those willing to try, it’s clear that this can be paired with your neutral tones like white and black, but also with other colors. To avoid looking too “Valentine’s day”, stay away from pairing the powder pink with reds and whites. Try white denim and a jean jacket, or a washed leather jacket for an evening look.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear; Photos Courtesy of Yannis Vlamos /
Brandon Maxwell Spring/Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear; Photos Courtesy of Monica Feudi /

For those who love a deep yellow tone - bold marigold colors with a hint of orange hit the runway this summer. It’s an incredibly dynamic tone, one that immediately draws the eye to its bold presence. It was especially prevalent in head-to-toe looks, in everything from flowing dressed to tailored blazers and suit coats. Max Mara branched out from their classic utilitarian tones with a set of three deep yellow looks. The first was a long button-up coat with tailored pants underneath and classy pointed-toe heels. The second was a one-shoulder dress with a blazer over the top, featured a slightly contrasting yellow peplum flair around the waist. The final look was a capri pant and long-sleeve sweater combo, finished with ruffles along the sleeves. Each look was a bold declaration of the power of the color, with its brightness standing out amongst the browns, greens, and blacks. Escada’s runway had punches of the yellow hue among other spring tones and patterns. It was mixed with equally deep pinks and even worn with head-to-toe looks like at Max Mara.

This color is a little trickier to mix into your wardrobe. It is a color with presence and volume that usually works better with other dark tones that can balance it out. We’d recommend looking to blacks or deep charcoal colors with this one. Even darker yellows can be a great addition to your look, as it may not be a totally monochrome look, but is still dynamic and sophisticated.



Max Mara Spring/Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear; Photos Courtesy of Kim Weston Arnold /
Escada Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear; Photos Courtesy of Luca Tombolini /

One of the color trends we’ve seen from both high-fashion brands to fashion-fashion hubs has been the reemergence of neon colors. Long something reserved for parties, dances, raves, or Halloween costumes, everything from neon orange, yellow, and green has hit the shelves with a vengeance. It has found its footing with the bodysuit trend, in jumpsuits and tops, and even in bold bike shorts. David Koma’s sophisticated tailoring took a walk on the wilder side with looks jolted into attention in bright greens and shining metallic tones. These neon looks were bold and exciting without being gaudy or cheap and tacky, and featured sophisticated tailored and styles to make sure the look felt high-end. The color at Off-White’s runway could be almost described as a tennis-ball yellow (or maybe green, even), that followed the brand’s already iconic streetwear influences. Billowing dresses were covered in snakeskin prints or left as a solid color, built out in voluminous styles that sweeped the floor or the tops of the thighs.

The big question when approaching such wild colors is simply how to wear them without looking like you’re a teenager or like you purchased it for under $10.00 at a fast-fashion store. And it’s a tough answer. This is definitely a color not for the faint of heart, nor the shopper looking to stay in their comfort zone. You can include a neon color in small ways - try a punchy bag or a look with a small bit of neon that isn’t overwhelming. If you’re looking to go all out - a top in a neon green or yellow can be a great evening look when paired with a pair of high-waisted denim (preferably, dark) or faux leather pants.



David Koma Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear; Photos Courtesy of Iker Aldama /
Off-White Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear; Photos Courtesy of Kim Weston Arnold /

Many shoppers find a color they like and stick to it. While there’s nothing wrong with this, changes in color can make an average outfit that much more unique, can make an older outfit feel totally new, and can even boost your mood while you’re at it. Being willing to experiment with other tones and simply try them on in dressing rooms at stores can give you a better sense of what you like and what fits your style. The worst feeling is ordering something online, waiting all that time to get it, and then opening it to see the color is totally wrong or knowing right away you don’t like it. Colors can be a blast to work with and simply by mixing new tones with your existing wardrobe you can bring a whole new life to your summer looks.