Tips to Update Your Workwear Wardrobe

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Written by: Peyton Haahr

Most of us are familiar with the daily grind. In some form or another, at some time or another, we’ve experienced the get-up-and-go vibe of the workplace, and everything that comes along with that. For many, what you wear when you head off to work is another thing to check off the list, and often something you don’t have time to think about or frankly, don’t care enough about. For some, it’s a hassle, for others, it’s not so bad. Either way, it is a factor in your work life.

And sometimes those outfits get old - you’ve worn them a hundred times and they feel tired and worn out. Going shopping to find new outfits or fresh combinations looks time-consuming and daunting. But when you decide to update your workwear wardrobe, we’ve found some helpful tips and tools to make the process easier, and allow your picks to be the perfect mix of on-trend and classically sophisticated.

Women’s suits. It may sound boring - considering suits are the basic men’s workwear staple. But women can have a huge amount of fun with suits and matching sets, working in trending patterns or styles that take their look to a whole new level. Considering that pastels and neutral tones are big this season, we’ve targeted these tones for the suits of our dreams.

Brands like Tibi highlighted these understated hues, building them out with chunky buttons, usable pockets, and oversized lapels. These extra details help add to the overall feel of the look, still keeping the professional feel required for a corporate setting, but adding a bit of personality to it as well. You can keep the look more traditional with a collared button-up underneath (we believe you can never go wrong with this choice), or if you have more leeway, try a graphic tee for a pop of color or a hoodie for a casual, street style vibe. For a fancier feel, try a woven turtleneck or a contrasting silk camisole underneath. And shoes are up to you - sneakers are a go-to for comfort and casual style, but if heels are necessary, go for a mule or a kitten heel to achieve that desired elegance but still remain California cool.


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Next: the upscale sneaker. It’s no secret the sneaker market is a boomtown. Its resale markets are huge and the lines for limited edition drops from brands like Nike and Adidas are predictably long. Over the seasons they have made their way from the streets to the runways, and in many cases, to the workplace. They check off the boxes for many in that they are comfortable, casual, and can take them from work to nightlife to weekend vacations with total ease. It has departed slightly from the chunky shoe trend that has been sweeping the fashion community largely thanks to brands like Balenciaga and Gucci (who still remain strong), and has created a center for classy, sophisticated sneakers and trainers.

For a more casual work environment, you may be able to have a little more fun with your footwear. We’re loving looks like Adidas by Raf Simons’ silver dipped sneakers, serving futuristic vibes, and even Golden Goose’s glitter-drenched low-tops, for something that can take you from work to a night out for drinks with friends.

Dressier options come into their own in their cleanliness and sophistication. Stark white shoes are a quick and easy option, and you can also choose to pick something with complimenting tones along with it. Stella McCartney’s ‘Eclypse’ sneakers offer a bit of height with their elevated sole, and some tonal contrast with the hints of neutral beige and tan colors mixed in with the white. Even with Valentino’s shoes, the dominant tone is white, and the pop of color (in this case, pink) makes the whole sneaker a little more interesting and with another unique quality to set it apart from others. 

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Last: the forever favorite, the trenchcoat. The coverall, the do-everything and go-through-any-weather coat. There’s a reason the piece hasn’t gone out of style, and continues to be a staple in many workwear wardrobes - key of which: it works all the time. You can wear it with everything - try it with a pencil skirt and button-down, over a midi-dress for a sophisticated combo, or even work it on over your favorite pair of jeans and graphic tee. The classic tan color is what many picture when they hear the word ‘trench coat’, but you don’t have to stop there. Simple blacks or grays work well. Even deep greens or rich marigold tones are gaining ground. Others are covered in bold prints or delicate patterns, some featuring oversized silhouettes while others are more tailored with ties around the waist to draw the eye inward and lengthen the figure. All these choices allow you to find the coat to best fit your style - you may want the tonal pop that comes with a colored coat, or value the sophistication and versatility of a neutral or black piece.  

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Your wardrobe for your professional life can be a lot of things. Boring, simple, cluttered, and tired. It shouldn’t be, though. Instead, with some quick refreshing pieces you can make that same old closet feel unique, exciting, and full of life. It only takes a few looks that can be mixed up and changed around with some of your other favorite pieces to craft whole new outfits that feel totally special and different. Changing up your style can offer your a fresh mindset and a better attitude. If you like what you’re wearing, it can give you a boost of self-confidence and assuredness that will follow you wherever you go - whether that be a boardroom, a meeting, a conference, or anywhere in between.