Denim should be about what fits best for your body - not what the trend of the season is. 

This wardrobe staple has seen its fair share of style changes over the years. High-rise has been popular for quite a few seasons now, but low-rise has started to make a comeback considering the retro-revival of recent years. Baggier jeans succeeded their skinnier counterpart, while flares and bootcuts have had their moments of fame as well.

But finding the best jean for your figure is easier said than done. Selecting the right rise, fit, wash, and cut is no easy feat, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Higher rises are best suited for longer-waisted, pear-shaped individuals, while low-rise best suits boxy, slender builds. As for fits, the options are endless, from boyfriend to flares to skinny jeans, each offering a distinct silhouette that can be styled to complement your wardrobe.

Forget what’s considered trendy. 

Skinny jeans - while maybe considered “out”, trend-wise, provide a streamlined style that can elongate the limbs and smooth your figure. Brands like Moussy, a favorite here at Matti D, offer handmade styles that are perfect for petite, less curvy clients, especially when paired with an iconic graphic tee.

Baggier styles, like boyfriend jeans or straight-leg jeans, are a favorable choice for curvier figures. Brands that we carry, like SER.O.YA, cater beautifully to this type of client, offering styles with stretch and comfort in mind. These fits can effortlessly transition from laid-back to dressy, depending on how they're styled, and can be paired just as easily with a pointed-toe heel as with a sneaker.

When it comes to washes, the choice is yours. Darker washes tend to lean more towards dressy, while lighter washes exude a more casual vibe. Additionally, darker washes are often perceived as more slimming, akin to a classic black dress. Don't be afraid to venture beyond classic blue washes and experiment with unexpected colors.

These same principles can apply to other denim garments, like jackets and tops. Versatile, functional, comfortable, and forever-stylish, denim is without a doubt one of fashion’s cornerstones.