Our Stylists’ Must-Have Travel Essentials

Image Courtesy of Mauro Lorenzo
Written by Peyton Haahr

You’re headed on a trip. You’ve got to pack your suitcase accordingly, and it’s almost too easy to fall into the trap of overpacking unnecessary items that only take up space and likely never get worn. We’ve all done it before and often the most frustrating part of your trip is when you open up your luggage to find all the wrong things inside.

Yet regardless of where you’re headed, there are some things that we’d label as must-haves, as pieces you cannot go wrong with wherever the plane lands. The pieces we will present in a few moments are from our own stylists. Speaking from experience, they explain the pieces they always put in their suitcases, and we've handpicked our favorite options and runway looks to show you alongside them. These are carefully selected options to add to your bag (both online and eventually, in real life), that will take you from coast to coast, and to every event, party, or vacation imaginable, as they have done for our stylists. We’re laying out our travel secrets: the most reliable and versatile fashion essentials that won’t let you down when you’re away from home.


Pick #1 – the denim jacket. More than one of our talented stylists here at Matti D touted the brilliance of the jean jacket, exclaiming that you quite literally cannot go wrong with this piece on a trip. Our boss and leading lady, fresh back from an international adventure, heralded her favorite denim jacket as the piece she could go to when searching for what to wear in the morning.

It can easily be worn as an in-the-air travel piece for a stylist yet comfortable plane ride, or be the perfect layering piece to bring along when the weather is still making up its mind and you don’t want to be caught in the wrong outfit. You can even match denim with denim – a gorgeously simple combo that looks so high-fashion but feels oh-so-comfortable and cool. It’s a go-to look for lots of stylists here in store, who love to pair our favorite denims together with jackets, button-ups, and shoes with a pop of color.

On the runway, brands like Isabel Marant and Fendi showcased their take on the classic denim jacket. Other brands incorporated patchwork, fraying, embroidery, acid washes, and unique creative additions to make their denim pop. Classic washes – in dark or light denim – can be your best bet for simple, no-nonsense vacation styling. If you’re going to be doing a lot of exploring – we recommend finding comfortable, stretchy denim that will move with you and take you wherever you need to go. Your clothes shouldn’t hold you back from your adventures. From our point of view, you can’t go wrong with denim – especially a good jean jacket.  



House of Holland, Fendi, & Isabel Marant S/S 2019; Images Courtesy of Vogue.com
Both jackets are available at Farfetch.com

Our second pick: a tailored blazer. For those of you headed on a relaxing vacation to the tropical beaches or a casual meet-up with friends and family, you’re probably thinking this is an unnecessary item for you to waste precious suitcase space on. In some cases, no, it might not be needed. But for many who head on trips to Europe or even on a business trip, a well-tailored, polished blazer is a must-have. You may dine at an upscale restaurant or simply need a jacket with a little dressier feel than your other outerwear. One of our stylists states, “Blazers elevate any outfit, period. It brings everything together with a sense of cohesion and style.” We agree. 

Victoria Beckham, Gucci, and Balenciaga were among the leaders of the charge this past runway season, and with great effect. Blazers are no longer the piece relegated to the professional or working figure, and instead can be worked into your streetwear and vacation wear outfits. Oversized silhouettes can be a total win in our book, but never go for anything too oversized. Tailored styles with detailing along the back can taper the waist and slim the figure. Most colors can pair wonderfully with a good pair of jeans, either skinny cut or straight leg. That touch of denim can give the look a casual feel if you’re worried about the blazer making everything feel too dressy. So, if you’re on your way to somewhere a more sophisticated suitcase is an order, or where the weather calls for different types of outerwear, a great blazer can cover your bases with style and ease.


Philosophy, Balenciaga, & Victoria Beckham S/S 2019; Images Courtesy of Vogue.com
Both blazers available on Farfetch.com

Our final must-have for your travel wardrobe is the white sneaker. Simple, classic, and timeless. Plus, they go with everything. You name it, you can pair a white sneaker with it. They're something that never goes out of style and works in every season, regardless of where you are. You’ll likely find at least one of our stylists wearing a pair of sneakers every day. When posed with the question of their personal travel essentials, one explains, “Comfort is key for me. If shoes make my feet hurt, I’m not going to wear them, so finding shoes that are both comfortable and that fit my style is a goal I always have.”

If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking on the trip you’re headed to, we wholeheartedly suggest a pair of sneakers. It doesn’t have to be the all-powerful chunky sneaker we see all the time, but a stylish, versatile shoe you can throw on without worry.

Classic brands like Adidas, Converse, and Nike are easy go-to brands for less expensive options you won’t have to stress about getting dirty or destroying while out and about. If you’re hunting for a more high-end pair, the options are just as great. There are oversized styles, flat-forms, pops of color, and opportunities to personalize them. We’re loving brands like Golden Goose, who’s already-dirtied soles and various color and style choices make it so that you can never have enough of them. Valentino’s classic white high tops are elevated with their signature rockstuds, and Alexander McQueen’s oversized sole sneakers have been a major hit among sneaker fans and casual shoppers alike. Starting the hunt for your perfect white sneaker will present you with a lot of options, but when you find that perfect pair, you’ll never think of taking them off.

All shoes available on Farfetch.com

Traveling can be the most exciting part of your life, and it shouldn’t be hampered by bad packing jobs or ill-conceived outfits. You want to check certain boxes before you get on the plane – like making sure you have the right outerwear for the weather, bringing pieces that can be worn multiple ways and create different outfits, and toting things you are excited to wear, are comfortable, and fit the occasion. But it has happened to all of us before – we open up our bag to realize we may not have packed exactly what we need. But never fear. Our expert stylists are here. We’ve pinpointed a few pieces that we never travel without: a versatile denim jacket, a sophisticated blazer, and a classic pair of white sneakers. These fashion essentials help us pack for trips better than ever, and make sure that when we open up that suitcase, there’s a sense of excitement with what we see…that we just can’t wait to get that outfit on.