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Puffed Up – How to Wear the Puff Sleeve Trend

Photo Courtesy of The Evening Standard Written by Peyton Haahr This next trend is full of hot air - not in the sense that it’s not saying anything of meaning, but in that the fashion volume concerning fabric is pumped up and puffed out. It seems the sleeve size a-la...

A Walking Masterpiece

The fashion has become to canvas, splattered with paints and colors and photos to create a dynamic, dimensional piece of art. Designers treated the runways as museums, showcasing new and old art alike, crafting show-stopping looks that awed the audiences.

Lady in Red

Lady in Red SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 11:31 AM   Not for shrinking violets, the color red always makes a statement. Whether signaling love, passion, anger or alarm - authentic intensity is guaranteed. And because it’s the color of the season, expect plenty of strong pigments...