Think of the word "pink," and what comes to mind? Love and hearts? Lollipops? Roses and flowers? Pastels? If these are your associations, you're not alone. However, recent runways are poised to elevate classic pink to new heights, transcending its surface-level connotations. 

Pink has been reinvented with sparkles and metallic fabrics, fashioned into slouchy dresses or airy trousers, and delicately incorporated into models' makeup. While not dominant across all runways, pink made a notable appearance in the collections of prestigious fashion houses, signaling a trend worth noting. After all, when Chanel says "pink," we take note, don't we?

One of Karl Lagerfeld's runway spectacles featured models donning plastic boots (some thigh-high!) paired with classic tweed in a spectrum of colors, among which pale pinks stood out. Airy dresses flaunted ruffled sleeves and dropped waistlines, while wide-collared tweed pieces exuded quintessential Chanel elegance. Each shade of pink differentiated the looks, requiring careful styling to achieve balance. Lighter pinks may benefit from anchoring with dark wash jeans to avoid appearing washed out, while darker pinks can be elegantly paired with metallics, grays, and silvers, in both clothing and jewelry. A matching lipstick or shine can provide the perfect finishing touch.

Valentino embraced an elegant and understated take on the "think pink" mantra, blending lighter tones with purple and adding a glittery shine for extra impact. Dresses and tops were complemented with shiny silvers and deep reds, offering versatility for various occasions. A high-neck top-dress with side buttons paired with structured black pants or a light tan skirt exudes casual sophistication, while a glittery short-sleeve dress serves as the ultimate party outfit. Makeup nuances, such as darker pink eyeshadow, enhance the overall cohesion of the look.

At Alexander McQueen, a fusion of colors, patterns, and fabrics was adorned with heavy metal accents, lending a regal air reminiscent of ancient Egyptian royalty. McQueen's looks are ideal for dressier occasions, yet the feminine allure of pink-colored pieces allows for personalized styling. Embrace the runway's jewelry-laden aesthetic by opting for hefty shoes and accessories for a more masculine feel, or maintain a feminine touch with delicate heels and subtle metallic accents. Regardless of the chosen path, these additions elevate the look to stunning heights.

While spring may have passed, pastels and light colors remain relevant throughout the year. Don't relegate your pink pieces to the back of the closet just yet; instead, integrate them into your summer wardrobe with confidence. Major fashion houses have offered invaluable insights into incorporating this versatile color into both dressy and casual ensembles. It's time to seize the opportunity and adorn ourselves with the roses plucked from the garden of fashion greats.