Packing for the Perfect Summer Vacation: A Guide for the Discerning Traveler

Summer is upon us, and for many, that means it's time to take a much-needed vacation. Whether you’re hitting the beaches, exploring the mountains, flying across the globe, or planning a perfect nearby retreat, packing the right wardrobe is essential for a successful trip.

Stylist’s Packing Tips for the Discerning (and Stylish!) Traveler

Versatility is Key: Choose pieces that can be mixed and matched easily. This way, if you’re short on packing space (and time), you can create more outfits from fewer garments.

Prioritize Comfort and Style: Ensure that all items are comfortable yet fashionable. If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, heels are not the way to go. Stylish sneakers, like the Sable Sneaker, are comfortable yet fashion-forward.

Don’t Go Without Accessories: Elevate your classic, simple outfits with the right accessories. Staple jewelry pieces, like DEMARSON’s Miley Hoops, can pair with both evening excursions and casual day trips. For late dinners or shows, opt for dressier pieces or a signature black clutch for a touch of elegance.

Test-Drive Before the Trip: Planning never hurts. You don’t have to plan every look in detail, but thinking your outfits through can alleviate last-minute stress. Avoid bringing brand-new pieces, especially shoes, to prevent blisters or discomfort during your trip.

Images: Retrofete

Destination: Amalfi Coast, Italy

Nothing quite compares to driving along the Amalfi Coast, soaking up the Italian charm and elegance as the waves crash against the shoreline. This picturesque location demands a refined, luxurious wardrobe.

Our Recommendations:

Something Relaxed and Flowy: Take this jumpsuit from Essentiel Antwerp. With a customizable tie top, you can opt for more or less coverage. The stretchy fabric isn’t restricting and can be worn for day trips exploring towns or as a quick beach cover-up.

A Catch-All Tote: You’ll likely be doing a fair share of walking, so choose a bag that can carry all the essentials—like a change of footwear, sunscreen, and sunglasses. A woven tote like the Falarasa Shopper is perfect.

A Good, Tried-and-True Sneaker: Flats are ideal for exploring, and heels won’t cut it on steep cobblestone walkways. The Sable Sneaker, with its neutral tones and classic styling, is versatile and stylish.


Destination: The Hamptons, New York

The Hamptons are synonymous with understated luxury and timeless style. Aim for a polished look during your stay.

Our Recommendations:

A Neutral Knit Top or Polo: Knitwear is always in style, even during summer. Opt for a relaxed-fit top, like this knitted V-neck polo in creamy white. It combines comfort with effortless elegance.

A Day-to-Night Trouser: A flowy, relaxed trouser strikes the perfect balance of casual and comfortable. This satin-style trouser from Essentiel Antwerp can be dressed up or down and styled with a classic tee or button-down.

A Classic Crossbody: A crossbody bag that's perfectly sized—neither too big nor too small—is essential. The Fissle Braided Mini Bag, with its woven design and luscious colors, is an ideal choice to complement any look.

Destination: San Diego, California

Ready to visit the West Coast? Embrace California’s signature cool, casual style while exploring sunny bluffs and sandy beaches.

Our Recommendations:

A Classic Bag with Edgy Details: Functional bags are a must. A belt bag from Retrofete, complete with sparkling studs, is perfect for both everyday outfits and dinner dates.

A Staple Jean Short: This classic style is a must. It goes with everything, never goes out of style, and looks good on everyone. Pair it with your favorite graphic tees or tops.

An Oversized Beach Cover-Up: You’ll likely be hitting the stunning California beaches, so pack a chic oversized cover-up. This embroidered shirt with summery floral details transitions seamlessly from the beach to coffee shops, seaside restaurants, and unique boutiques.

Ready to Elevate Your Summer Wardrobe?

Curating the perfect vacation wardrobe can be a challenge. That's why we've selected summer styles perfect for any luxury destination. Visit our summer collection to shop these exquisite pieces. For personalized assistance, book an appointment with our expert personal stylists who are ready to help you create a travel wardrobe that is as sophisticated and stylish as you are.

Bon voyage and happy travels!