Step into a fashion crossroads where the boundaries between feminine and masculine blur, and self-expression knows no limits. In our daily choices, from the mundane to the extraordinary, we often find ourselves weighing options, navigating the delicate balance between this or that. Yet, when it comes to fashion, the dichotomy of feminine versus masculine often dominates the conversation. 

But what about those of us who refuse to be confined by these labels, who seek to merge the two worlds seamlessly, crafting a style that reflects our individuality? If you're one of the rebels challenging the norms of fashion, read on as we share some expert tips to help you master the art of fusion fashion and unleash your inner style icon.

First, start with your base piece. This is what should be the focal point of the look - what you want people to notice when they look at your outfit. Take a cue from one of Off-White’s runway shows, where models like Hailey Baldwin strutted down a leaf-covered catwalk in a bright blue brocade skirt that acted as the centerpiece for the whole look.

Begin with something similar. If you lean towards feminine pieces, perhaps choose a ruffled blouse or layered skirt in a yummy color. If not, try a leather skirt or a pair of washed jeans with stud details. Once you have that piece, it’s time to start building around it. At Chloe and Louis Vuitton, wardrobe staples were elevated alongside feminine and masculine pieces. Chloe started with businesslike pants in heather gray, then paired them with a delicate mesh and lace top. The slouchy pants played perfectly with the thin top, whose light black lace details connected the two pieces. Louis Vuitton’s look was just as easily copied. A pair of ladylike white trousers was taken to the next level with a boxy, textured leather jacket. With a thick hem and leather cuffs, the jacket provided interest and a focal point to an otherwise basic pair of pants.

Next up, the accessories and shoes. We took inspiration from some of Coach’s looks during a Spring runway show. Many of their looks featured ‘tough-girl’ pieces, like moto jackets or studded pants. But the outfits were made that much more impactful by the accessories added on top - including chain purses and heavily embellished shoes. The garments, which were structured around mesh and featured roses - traditionally more feminine details. But when completed with a leather jacket and some shoes with a good dose of silver studs, you’ve got the best of both worlds.

When styling your own outfit, pick accessories that are both unique and additive to the look. Throwing on a pair of sneakers (longtime favorites are Adidas, Common Projects, or Golden Goose) can add a much-needed note of cool-girl luxe to a look. Fast fashion brands like Zara have done the same, featuring masculine suits with low, thin-heeled boots. Eye-catching, unexpected shoes take the outfit to a new level.

Wherever you live, whatever your lifestyle, mixing feminine and masculine pieces is a perfect styling trick to keep up your sleeve. It allows you to blend both parts of your closet in unexpected ways, creating new looks that are fresh and modern. No longer are lux leathers always separate from flirty ruffles, edgy studs separate from elegant lace. Rather they now work together to create outfits that will make you look like you just walked out of a magazine. Mixing girly and edgy pieces is definitely not as hard as it seems. All it takes is a little time to pick the right pieces and some confidence.