Discover the Magic of Osmos: Knitwear Redefined

This is knitwear as you’ve never seen it before.



Meet Osmos - where knitwear isn’t just fabric; it’s an art form. With incredibly intricate weaves, astoundingly unique fabrics, and unexpected silhouettes mingling with familiar styles, this brand captures an enchanting world of knits for the modern woman.

Behind the magic of Osmos is Steven Oo, a Burmese-American-Chinese knitwear designer whose inspiring journey from immigrant roots to fashion trailblazer is nothing short of incredibly special. Raised in the melting pot of California, Oo’s passion for knitwear began during his years as a student at the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied International Business. Later, while pursuing a Master's degree in Fashion Knitwear Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, he honed the foundations of what would become this brand. In 2010, Oo debuted his graduate collection in New York, catching the eye of notable fashion critics and the industry as a whole.

His ability to translate fantastical, ethereal imagery into tangible clothing was uniquely inspiring, and the unpredictable shapes, textures, and structures of his creations beckon admirers to stop, touch, and explore the myriad of details.

Osmos sets itself apart by its deft balance of rigidity and softness. In our store, we've selected a color palette that complements our clientele, the Matti D girl, while also showcasing the brand’s masterclass in texture and fabric manipulation. Familiar cuts paired with exciting knits invite wearers to embrace daring new fashion choices, challenging traditional notions of knitwear.

Each piece in the Osmos collection boasts its own identity and serves as a testament to Oo’s abilities, creativity, and commitment to redefining the definition of knitwear.

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