Fashion undeniably transcends mere clothing—it's art. Debate it all you want, but for us, this conversation is settled. 

Creativity reigns supreme in the fashion industry, evident with each mesmerizing runway show that leaves us wide-eyed and smiling... and, let's be honest, sometimes with empty wallets. Recent runways provided a tangible example of the fashion and art connection, featuring looks adorned with the works of renowned artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, as well as comic-book prints that reflect our modern cultural media landscape. 

It's time to wear your art on your sleeve this season.

While print newspapers and magazines have lost ground to the digital world, many are still fond of physical media, and enjoy reading things like comic strips in newspapers and more. Prada harnessed that nostalgia in one of their Spring runways, applying black and white graphic prints to coats and shirts. Featuring the works of women's cartoonists and manga artists, these pieces exuded an 80s club vibe, blending blacks with fiery reds and street-style inspired prints. Graphic tees may conjure cursed images of Forever21 tees adorned with trashy early-teen phrases or wanna-be vintage pictures, but fear not. Prada offers fabulously effortless styles in easy-to-wear button-downs or structured coats perfect for on-the-go individuals. The slouchy yet elegant looks are functional and unique. 

Calvin Klein has been awash with Americana prints and painted graphics, offering a dream mash-up for any artist. Motifs of cowboys, Andy Warhol prints of Dennis Hopper circa 1969, 70s-era cheerleaders, and horror movie posters all collided to celebrate America's love for all things pop. These prints adorned jean jackets, crisp white tank tops, and lace dresses, evoking a sense of nostalgia and artistic flair. While the screen-prints themselves may add weight to the garments, the effect is tangible, elevating the look from ordinary to extraordinary. Men's looks received the same treatment, with whole outfits coordinated with monochromatic paint jobs. One unexpected approach was layering a white lace dress with a plastic coat. Yes, you read that right - plastic. Transparent materials such as this had a moment in the industry, as evidenced on one of Chanel’s recent shows. Make this style more wearable by pairing with elegant jewelry and thin-strapped heels. 

Atop a glitter-soaked runway at Coach, the threads of Calvin Klein’s creativity continued, this time featuring Keith Haring in the artist spotlight. Haring's signature squiggles and chalk outlines of dogs and boom boxes took center stage, placed on short-sleeved shirts, skirts, and bags alike. Creative director Stuart Vevers merged millennial fashion with 30s and 70s garb, creating pieces destined to be worn by style icons of today and tomorrow. Coach's pieces are as wearable as they come—grab a tee for a day out or utilize the printed skirts paired with a chunky sweater or flowy, cropped top. Graphic tees are here to stay, and with Coach's range of tops, you can't go wrong.

Painter Gerhard Richter stated in the 1980s that "Art is the highest form of hope," and we couldn't agree more. Art, and the incredibly creative souls behind their existence, provide us with a never-ending stream of inspiration and influence. It has always been alive and well in the fashion world, and these runway shows honored  those who have made history through their art. Art-inspired fashion was undeniably an integral trend of 2018, offering graphic prints and signature styles that are easy to work into any wardrobe while showcasing masterful works from the archives of history.