What We Can’t Live Without: Our Stylists Tell All

Photo Courtesy of Alive Magazine
Written by Peyton Haahr

At Matti D we combine coveted, one-of-a-kind clothing with impeccable styling services. We’ll style for any occasion, any personal desire, with the most gorgeous, luxurious, and sometimes daring fashion - but we’re like our customers in that we always have fallbacks in our closet that we grab when we’re standing in front our closets screaming that we have nothing to wear. It’s these pieces that we cherish dearly and those that we know we can style with many things in our closet, and won’t fail us when we’re in desperate need of a killer outfit that we can faithfully rely on. After having a spirited chat with our stylists, we’ve rounded up the best picks for you to make sure to have in your closet - so that you can erase that unease of attempting to piece together an outfit every morning, and instead have great, quality pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways for every possible occasion. 


The answer received most often is an obvious one, but is often hard to get right: the graphic tee. Most are thinking, graphic tees are everywhere, how hard can that be to find one you like? Sure, we hear that. Graphic tees are all over the place, with fast fashion brands like Forever21 and Zara printing them out at breakneck speed, and often the same goes for high-fashion brands, like Gucci and Saint Laurent, charging their wild prices for basic tees stamped with their logo. We aren’t denying the abundance of them, but what we’re getting at is the sometimes difficult hunt to find one that checks all of your boxes. There are oversized styles, fitted cuts, different necklines, and that doesn’t even get into what is actually printed on the tee itself. Brands like Forever21 often have odd sayings, ones that you don’t want to be wearing unless you’re under the age of 10. But sometimes the uber-popular designer prices aren’t what you’re looking for either. 

Our tips: first, go for a neutral color as your base - i.e. black, white, cream, or grey. Then, make sure you love what is printed on the shirt, whether it be the phrase, picture, or symbol. If you don’t know what it means, don’t buy it! Make sure the print isn’t crazy colorful, or something that overpowers everything. You want this to be something you can throw under jean jackets, blazers, sweaters - and everything in between - and be sure it won’t clash with anything. Try knotting it in the front for a cropped style or go for an oversized fit for a loose, casual feel.

Gucci Resort 2017; Photos Courtesy of Net-A-Porter.com

Our second pick, a professional blazer. Regardless of whether you work in a corporate workplace or work remotely, a well-fit, quality blazer is a total must-have for any woman. Many people think of blazers as something they can only wear for professional events or on occasions where some modesty and clean, polished outfits are desired. We’re pushing back against that - we love our blazers here, and wear them over floor length, flowing dresses, our favorite distressed jeans, layered over classic button-downs, and sometimes even worn with nothing underneath if the style permits. Matching looks are always a win in our book, but even just a singular blazer in a standout color or style can be paired with a variety of looks. Blazers work great with slouchy graphic tees underneath for a more casual look, or can easily be dressed up with a silky blouse for a classy, professional feel. Try experimenting with the dresses that can go underneath blazers. If you have a darker colored blazer, try adding that pop of color underneath, or vice versa. Mini dresses with booties and a blazer is a winning combination, while also flowing, chiffon-like midi dresses paired with a tailored blazer can be the perfect mix of masculine and feminine influences. 

A fresh idea that popped up last year was the denim blazer, and offshoot of long-time staple, the jean jacket. Think about the idea of double-breasted blazers, even those with metallic overtones, bright hues in line with this season’s neon trend, even menswear-inspired oversized styles. A good blazer will last you a lifetime and will be a staple in your closet, trust us.

Michael Kors Spring 2018;  Photos Courtesy of Net-A-Porter.com

Lastly, we love our classic, crisp button-down tops. When the graphic tee is just too casual, and we need a step up, we reach for a collar, button down. This isn’t to say you can’t wear your top with your casual jeans or jean shorts (vacation look, anyone?), but it can just as easily be paired with a polished pant or midi skirt and heels. Use the button-down as a layering piece as well - don’t just button it up and go. Add your favorite tee underneath it, and then throw a good, well-worn jean jacket over that. Sound like too many layers? We promise, it’s not. You can use the piece, regardless of it’s pattern, color, or style to work into an outfit for any type of weather. 

Also, try getting creative with how you wear the shirt itself. By this we mean that you have the option to knot the top in the front - either buttoned or unbuttoned - for a flirty, cropped style, you can opt for a longer style that allows you to get some coat-tail-style action in the back, even try out a short-sleeve version for the warmer summer months or for any vacation. Bold prints can be the perfect casual staple and can offer a pop of color and interest for a look if you choose to pair it with jeans most of the time.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2019; Photos Courtesy of Net-a-Porter.com

We all need pieces in our wardrobe that we can grab when we’re totally unsure about what to wear. That sense of panic you feel when you’re rushing about, throwing clothes on the furniture and on the floor, desperately hoping an outfit will manifest itself in front of you? Yes, we’ve been there too. But there are ways to remedy this. Try stocking your closet with staples recommended by people in the know - including the stylists at Matti d. These pieces will make the process of finding an outfit for whatever occasion a whole lot easier, a whole lot simpler, and a whole lot more fun.