What to Wear To A Ski Resort Trip

Max Mara / Moncler Grenoble

Can you almost hear the satisfying crunch of crisp white snow beneath your shoes? Okay, not quite yet - unless you’re headed to Europe where you can already find some mountaintops covered in snow. Still, even if you plan to hit the slopes or après-ski stateside, Ski Season 2017-18 is coming up fast.

So, what will you wear?

Resort amenities aside, it’s still a good idea to dress for function and fashion. Opt for extra warm and comfortable pieces that look fabulous- ensuring you exude nothing but confidence. No matter your style ethos, it’s a great idea to fill your luggage with monochromatic attire or near monochromatic looks, pairing neutrals in complementary colors. If you’re a minimalist, this will be the basis of your look. For everyone else, consider this your extra stylish, can’t-miss base waiting for a few statement-making additions. These color stories work beautifully on everyone and they can create such stunning effects against wooden chalets and pure white snow.

Moncler Grenoble

But where accessories and outerwear are concerned, it’s time to play with color. This season, we’re especially in love with classic Valentino red and grenadine, dynamic, futuristic shiny hues of silver (à la Chanel… space rocket not included), any shade of pink, sunny yellow (see the latest collections at Loewe), turquoise (Nina Ricci, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini) and navy blue.

Valentino / Loewe / Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Chanel / Nina Ricci

If you’re stuck in an all-black wardrobe and you’re not quite ready for yellow, make the subtle and painless shift to navy blue. Though it adds more depth and brightens things up, it isn’t a scary departure. Our all-time favorite stand-in is so inspiring that Dior’s Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, presented an entire collection in the hue for Fall/Winter 2017. It was an homage to one of Christian Dior’s favorite colors.


As for layering, consider mixing different textures to create more interest and life for your overall look. In fact, it’s the layers that tend to make us all look that much more put together come winter and fall. Right now, skinny ribbed knit sweaters and sweater dresses are having a big moment, making layering a piece of cake. They’ll keep you warm but still highlight and hug the figure.

Enjoying drinks outdoors? Choose a roll-neck, knit sweater with a voluminous, dramatic silhouette. The comfort level will be irresistible, yet you’ll be high on style. Try one with extra long sleeves to feel effortlessly chic. Alternatively, top off your layers with a cozy, fuzzy coat or vest in faux fur or stylish shearling. Shearling is hot for the season (no pun intended) and we’ve seen it used for everything from the lining of regal coats to shearling covered bomber jackets. We loved Tory Burch’s Fall/Winter ‘17 presentation the most with three all-white shearling covered outerwear looks, each more elegant than the last. However, you’ll find a lot of other great looks too with labels like Balmain, Saint Laurent and Marques’ Almeida.


Tory Burch / Balmain


Saint Laurent / Marques' Almeida

Finally, faux fur is always a good idea and it’s popping up everywhere, appearing as real as ever. Try a print covered or multi-colored style like the exciting options seen at Shrimps and MM6 Maison Margiela or go for the classics. Break out the designer shades, a pretty pom-pom hat and off you go!


Maison Margiela / Shrimps