Walking Goddesses - The Art of Silk Dressing

Image Courtesy of British Vogue
Written by Peyton Haahr

Soft and sensual. Light and breezy. Luxurious with a hint of casual flair. For that daring night-out look or for your favorite sleep set. We could go on and on about the wonderful options and beautiful styles all crafted in the material that is silk. Of recent, there has been an upsurge in the popularity of the fabric, as it has graduated from something related solely to sleepwear or bedroom-wear to a full fledged fashion phenomenon. Silk slip dresses of every length have become a trend from the highest of high-fashion to the fastest of fast-fashion, alongside silk camisoles and skirts. Brands capitalized on the va-va-voom characteristic of the fabric, expertly mixing sex-appeal and evening-wear sophistication in a way that can fit a variety of events and days for the average shopper - as most of us aren’t being photographed as we walk down a runway or the street.

A brand that seemingly embodies the same qualities as this fabric is Versace. The Spring show featured a plethora of supermodels marching down the runway in distinctly 90’s looks, proffering outfits that found the sweet spot between elegance and power. Silks of black, orange, and yellow were set next to complex printed garments - some of classy plaids and checkers, others of detailed floral prints in a variety of tones and colors. It also featured bold leather looks. There were one-shouldered mini dresses, low-rise skirts, and tailored jackets all crafted in supple leathers that hugged the frame and proved incredibly flattering in every color. 

Their silk dresses were of particular interest, and came towards the end point of the show. A trio of deep navy colored dresses marched down on the runway on supermodels Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Adriana Lima. They featured gold accents as accessories in the form of chain belts, thin necklaces, and even lining their handbags. Later, came several brightly colored silk looks bearing slouched necklines, thin straps, buttons, and even lace inserts. 

Such daring looks as these may seem daunting, but they can be offset with additions and accessories that make the outfit feel more casual or more in line with your personal style. Try a cropped jean jacket or a super cropped hoodie pulled over with your favorite sneakers.


Versace Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear; Photos Courtesy of Luca Tombolini/Indigital.tv

At Etro, fabulously California prints met unique florals, surf motifs, and detailed textiles. The show centered around the water and the ocean, so there was a plethora of swimsuits, coverups, and flowing fabrics in relaxed styles. Each look was layered and full of different flavors. Dresses were shown in multiple tiers with a contrasting print on each one. High neck halter dresses featured crocheted tops and pants were a labyrinth of patchwork on each leg. When it came to their silks, they were not front and center, yet worked in masterfully with the rest of the controlled chaos surrounding them. There were matching looks, with flowy pants and relaxed button downs were reminiscent of the chicest pajama set mashed up with your vacation beach wardrobe. 

They were paired with floral printed dusters that had an overwhelming amount of artistry to them, and the silk combinations felt casual without feeling slouchy or frumpy. We love the matching looks - they are so on trend at the moment - so we wouldn't shy away from those, but don’t hesitate to grab a single piece from a look to work in with your wardrobe and neutrals. A standout silk blouse can be the perfect go-to when paired with well-tailored trousers, leather mini skirt, or even an airy pair of linen pants. It can be a look you target for professional settings as well as your vacation suitcase essentials.


Etro Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear; Photos Courtesy of Yannis Vlamos/Indigital.tv

Still unsure of how to get in on this trend? We’ve handpicked a few of our favorites to take the guesswork out of your shopping. Tops can be the best way to go, mainly because they’re easier to fit, and are largely more flattering than dresses or pants. See if you’re able to get your hands on a top that can take you to a variety of occasions, and work with what you’ve got in your closet and your personal style. We’re loving this pink sheer silk shirt from Miu Miu, that is both a hint of flirty and a hint of girl-boss. Mesh has been a big trend this whole year, and with summer here, it’s sure to hang around. We’re also firm believers in the silk cami rush, and this navy options is a great deal. The thin straps and relaxed neckline give off a sense of sophisticated elegance that is difficult to match. Pair this with everything from your maxi skirt to french-tucked into the front of your favorite jeans. And if you’re hunting for a silk dress that you can wear out on the weekends exploring with friends or when you're headed to a casual lunch, this Alexander Wang button-down is a great option. Again, navy is a strong alternative to black that is still elegant, yet casual enough to be paired with your favorite sneakers or boots. Snatch these options up while they’re still available.

All Photos Courtesy of Farfetch.com

This gorgeous fabric is one for the books. It’s made its mark in fashion history with a whole lot of flare, personality, and luxurious sensuality. Silk remains an iconic fabric in the emotions it seeps out through its threads, how it makes its wearers feel, and how it makes those around it feel. It has become a larger trend as of late, with designers working the delicate material into a variety of new styles, shapes, and pieces. No longer has it been confined to a box, but rather has grown to show off show-stopping dresses, tops, and bottoms. And we’re excited.