Think Pink


Written by Peyton Haahr
Harper's Bazaar, Daniel Riera

When someone says the word pink, what words come to mind? Love and Hearts? Female Empowerment? Lollipops? Roses & Flowers? Pastels? Yeah, us too. But this season’s runways have proved to be ready to take the classic pink to the next level, far beyond a surface-level display. It was elevated with sparkles and metallic fabrics, twisted into slouchy dresses or airy trousers, even used as a delicate touch in the models’ makeup. While it may not have been the predominate color across all runways, it was definitely evident on those of the most historic houses, so for us, we’ll take that as a cue to get our notepads out. Like, if Chanel says, “pink”, we go for pink, right?

Speaking of which, Karl Lagerfeld sent another spectacular parade of looks down the runway, with models sporting plastic boots (some thigh-high!) mixed with the classic tweed in a rainbow of colors. There was a focus on light colors, with pale pinks standing out among them. Airy dresses offered ruffled sleeves and dropped waistlines, and wide-collared tweed pieces hit that perfect Chanel note. Even the shaggy sweater is a win in our opinion, with each of these pieces’ color and material giving it a unique character. Each varying shade of the pink differentiates the looks, and so one must be careful when creating their outfit. A lighter pink may need the strong anchoring of a dark wash jean or can risk washing you out or looking too matronly if paired with something like white. Darker pinks are a little more sturdy, and can be a gorgeous pairing with metallics, greys, and silvers – clothing and jewelry. Small tip? A matching lipstick or shine can be the perfect final touch to finish a look.


Chanel Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear, Photos courtesy Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.TV

Valentino gave us a very elegant and understated version of the “think pink” mantra, but we’re just as excited about it. The lighter tone was mixed with a purple, and some were even given a glittery shine that really made it pop. Dresses and tops were mixed with shiny silvers and deep reds, with one look even sporting some mustard yellow shoes. The simplicity and lack of heavy embellishment on Valentino’s pieces make them a tip-top pick for summer parties, wedding showers, or a fancier meal with friends. For the brave, the high-neck top-slash-dress with buttons on the side can prove to be a unique look when done right. Pulled over a pair of structured black pants or a light tan skirt, the outfit will look casual, yet still with a heightened sense of style. Or, the glittery short-sleeve dress can be your go-to party outfit or holiday get-together uniform. Note the makeup here – the addition of a darker pink eye shadow that rounds the eye creates an even more cohesive look.


Valentino Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear, Photos Courtesy Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.TV

At Alexander McQueen, we got a mash up of colors, patterns, and fabrics, all finished off with some heavy metal additions – and by this I mean everything from brass grommets on dresses and shoes to chunky necklaces and collars that could have belonged to the Egyptian queens of old. We suggest McQueen’s looks for your dressier occasions, but also urge you to take advantage of the more feminine nature of the pink-colored pieces and use them in the way that best fits your style. If you choose to follow the styles shown on the runway, pile on the jewelry, earrings, and pick a pair of hefty shoes that are still dressy, but fine-tune a more masculine feel. Flats work, as well as heels. And for those who love the feminine feel the clothing already provides and want to continue with that, a dainty pair of heels (maybe with a bow?) or delicate flats will help out. Add some jewelry though, but think more about some thin metallic bangles or a few rings on each hand. Either way, these additions with create a stunning look no matter which road you take.


Alexander McQueen Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear, Photos Courtesy Kim WestonArnold /

Spring may have past us by, but that doesn’t mean pastels and light colors are thrown out the window too, or stuffed in the closet to await the sunshine next time the season rolls around. So pull those pinks out the closet and pair them with your summer looks right now. Big fashion houses gave their tips and tricks on how to work this color into your wardrobe – both dressy and casual – and so now it’s time for us get on it. We’ll be metaphorically picking roses in the garden of the fashion greats.