The Next Big Thing: Tiny Sunglasses

Image courtesy, Kami Phillips

It’s said that history repeats itself, and that good things come around eventually. Well, in this case, both of those sayings ring true. The teeny-tiny sunglasses that embodied the 90’s supermodel and cool-girl vibe have come back – this time being displayed on our current it-girls, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez. High-end brands have had a go at the trend, but it has been prolific among cheaper brands, making colorful and daring styles that all revolve around their smaller size. We’re highlighting a few of the looks from the runways, but other works from brands like Le Specs and even Ray Bans are great choices.

First up: Prada. The brand gave us these miniature sunglasses in a variety of colors, and in shapes that imitated a downsized cat-eye. Some featured a band of color on the top, playing off the other hues in the outfit and creating a cohesive look ready to walk right off the runway and onto the street. Your initial concern with this style of glasses is probably this – How could this style even look good on me? It looks good on them because they’re models! Sure, we agree on this. But the fact of the matter is that this is really a very flattering style for a large group of people. Finding glasses that don’t overpower your face is often tough, but there’s no fear of that here. Their size makes them uber-chic and super high-fashion. And with Prada’s, the band of color on the top can be a great pop to an outfit and can play well with similar or complimentary colors.


Prada Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear, Photo: Monica Feudi /

Louis Vuitton gave a very classic and minimalist approach to the 90’s inspired trend. They had an exaggerated wing on the sides, and were mainly in black and a shiny silver. These pairs would work well as an everyday look, paired with a look styled for a lunch out with friends, or an evening outfit that will look like it’s straight off of Instagram or a street-style editorial. The razor sharp edges of the glasses help slim the face and highlight the cheekbones. Louis Vuitton showed them off with high-neck tops and metallic vests, but also made them fit perfectly with racing-inspired tops and track shorts. You could test drive them with a slouchy graphic tee and skinny jeans of a desired color, or even try them with a body-con dress and heels. Versatility was key with the brand’s take on these glasses.


Louis Vuitton Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear, photo: Kim Weston Arnold /

We’re taking a stab here and showing you a new brand. A cool one, too. Prabal Gurung has made a name for itself with ribbed knit dresses and hefty sweaters, utilizing bold colors and floral patterns to make a statement. On the Spring runway, lemon yellows, hot pinks and delicate florals brushed up against tinted sunglasses that fit perfectly with the feel of the brand. Featuring colors of similar intensities in the lenses, they were held up with thin metal frames that looked both industrial and chic at the same time. The colored lens is a nice touch, and adds a bit of personality and uniqueness to an object that is treated by many as just a way to block the sun when driving. Gurung had these glasses paired with colors that were either the same, or contrasting. Creating a monochromatic look can be so incredibly chic, and you can finish the look effortlessly with these glasses. Or, if you have a more neutral look, this pop of color can be exactly what you need.


Prabal Gurung Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear, Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

A trend never really dies entirely. Instead, it just fades away a little and resurfaces in the spotlight soon after. Smaller, 90’s-inspired sunglasses have made their way onto the runways again, as well as being spotted among the rising supermodels. Some may cringe and think this style wouldn’t flatter them, but for many, the opposite is true. It is utterly chic, and follows a similar vein of the ugly-pretty trend that has taken off (chunky sneakers, anyone?). So, why not give it a shot?