The Future Belongs to the Fashionable

Written by Peyton Haahr
Image Courtesy, Steven Klein

The future holds many mysteries and humanity is continually attempting to unravel and predict what is to come. But one thing we can be sure of is this: we’ll still be the most fashionable creatures to walk to the earth in its existence. On both Spring and Fall runways, designers played with unique fabrics and shiny materials, each giving their take on a futuristic, flying cars and "people living on Mars" time period. Whether or not we’ll be walking on the Moon again or jetting around in levitating cars, we’re sure that we’ll look good doing it.

At Balmain, the show opened with a lightning blast of shiny metals and tinfoils. There were full-length shining silver dresses, quilted suit and pant combos, even plastic details and moldings on the shoes. Equally as exciting was a full head-to-toe grey, sheer suit that featured a duster with it. As with many runway looks, most of us cannot do the full outfit and should instead pick one piece to work with and incorporate into our wardrobe. The quilted jacket with padded shoulders and a holographic sheen was one of the highlights of the show. Throw this on with a sophisticated, menswear-inspired evening look, or a body-con wrap dress if you’re feeling adventurous. The sheer look may seem even more daunting, but by layering or wearing something underneath (maybe try wearing the shirt as an addition over a dress?) can make it work seamlessly. The pants are harder, but both the shirt and the overcoat can be great layering pieces.


Balmain Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear, Photos Courtesy: Monica Feudi/

Calvin Klein brought the silvers out in force as well, yet this time mixed them with delicate laces, woven fabrics and woolen headpieces. The runway here was smothered in faux-snow, bringing a futuristic winter-scape to life. Creative director Raf Simons showed off voluminous metal-looking dresses, ones with texture and various mixed materials. While the headpieces and gloves may not be needed for the wearer, the dresses can still be worn stylishly and effortlessly. Their size and shape means they’ll be the center of your outfit, and you can go easy on the shoes and accessories. If you aren’t into this, snag the lace-up boots or the shiny bag seen on one of the models. The sleek and industrial nature of the pieces will add a sparkle to your look that will have you moonwalking into fashion heaven.


Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear, Photos Courtesy Marcus Tondo/Indigital.TV

At Christian Dior, a more subtle and subdued take on futuristic fashion was shown. No looks were head-to-toe, but rather featured one special piece that elevated the entire outfit. Coats and pants were shown in brushed metallic silver, adding shine to patchwork denim jackets and intricate woven tops. Both of these styles give off a more casual vibe, as they aren’t so blinding or show stopping as the other brands. The coat could function in a work setting, and the pants could take you from a business meeting to a night out with friends in a heartbeat. They work well with denim, as evidenced by the patchwork pieces in blues, purples and blacks seen on the runway. Throw them on with your favorite blue jeans and you’re set. In our opinion, all of these silvery pieces are a win.


Christian Dior Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear, Photos Courtesy Yannis Vlamos/

The future is bound to hold some bright things. And some of those things are to come in the form of fashion. Some of the biggest designers gave us a little sneak peak of what’s to come – only this time, we don’t have to wait an age to get our hands on them. Brilliant metallic silvers and golds brushed up against sheer greys and blacks, made a fabulously futuristic scene on the runways. Tech-inspired looks that would make the moon landing oh-so chic. Quilted suits for the future ruler of the galaxy. We’re here for it all.