The '80s Called, They Want Their Shoulder Pads Back


Getting to Know the New Shoulder Pads


It seems as if a year can’t go by without a nod to great looks from the past. There’s really endless inspiration to draw from and we really love modern reinterpretations of iconic style.

This time, fashion has its focus on the high wattage, all-out glamour of the 80’s - and shoulder pads are stealing the show! Back and more fabulous than ever, shoulder pads are the retro revival of the season.

Prepare to take your wardrobe to new heights with the modern cousin of 1980’s shoulder pads. They’re appearing everywhere from floor-length gowns to power blazers and tops and they’ll literally and figuratively elevate your look to a whole new level. You’ll walk with extra confidence with your new, empowering and structured silhouette. It’s a power shape to give you that extra bold mindset to accompany you on dates, meetings or a big night out.

Sign us up for any gorgeous way to really accentuate the shoulders - one of the most stunning areas of the female frame. The added height and attention creates a look that’s elegant, feminine, sexy and strong.

It’s like an off-the-shoulder rebellion but we’re still professing our love. After seasons of exposure, we’re covering up our shoulders but in the loudest and proudest of ways. Even our earrings are swinging down to greet them! Flanked by two well-styled shoulders, you’re ready for the world!

Go for lightly padded shoulders if you’re not ready to commit or opt for full-on, seriously constructed shoulders for a look that’s hard to forget. Designers are having a lot of fun with this trend. There are sewn-in, traditional-style shoulder pads, shoulder pads worn from the outside in different colors and textures and geometric projections mixing the best of 80’s prom dreams with 2017 couture chic - like the dazzling cocktail dresses and coats on the runways of Saint Laurent.











When you choose these looks for night, the effect is rock star cool - get ready for your high fashion moment.


Saint Laurent

Comme des Garçons



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