Summer To Do: Get Vitamin Sea

Marc Jacobs/Versace/Peter Pilotto/Gucci
Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire
Written by Peyton Haahr

Close your eyes. Picture this – a sun-drenched beach, palm trees swaying under a light breeze, and the gentle sound of the waves hitting the sand. For most of us, this sounds like a pretty wonderful way to spend a summer. The unfortunate truth is that the beach is not totally accessible to everyone, but that shouldn’t stop you from channeling that desire into a unique fashion style. Beachy prints and fabrics don’t have to be confined to vacations or trips to the shore and can also be integrated into your summer wardrobe. Don’t misunderstand though: this isn’t a license to wear your swimsuit to the mall or grocery store (although the skilled can learn to utilize a one-piece as a bodysuit – but that’s another day’s work), but rather some notes on how beach-wear inspired pieces can be used. Still don’t believe me? Keep reading.

If there is anyone to take a stab at this trend, it is Donatella Versace. In a show that honored her late brother and brought the supermodels of old back on the runway, models stomped out in blue, yellow, and black printed pieces that were oh-so-Versace. Swimsuits, cropped tank tops and coats were drenched in seashell and starfish patterns, some even in monochromatic colors. Not down for the head-to-toe look? No worries, just working with one of the pieces can be a win. Grabbing a printed blazer can be perfectly easy to work into a summer wardrobe, thrown over jean shorts and a gauzy top for an elegant but casual evening look. Go full beach-mode with the swimsuit and feel free to add on some crochet shorts or linen pants to make it look like you came straight from the golden coast. Lightness is key – of fabric, more so than color – since no one goes to the beach in heavy clothing. Find pieces that don’t look too much like a swimsuit cover-up, but if you find one you think works, try layering with a slip underneath or a bodysuit. Versace proves that you can’t go wrong with seashells and ocean-blue tones, so if you’re headed beachside any time soon, take your cues from a master.


Versace Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear
Photos: Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.TV

Ever the innovative brand, Gucci’s runway was dotted with a few nods to beachwear in its prints and patterns. Seen in both the men’s and women’s wear, Hawaiian-esque detailing was apparent. Most notable was the head-to-toe flower print look, complete with volcanoes and palm trees and setting suns. Some might cringe, remembering not so fondly the tacky shirts seen in Tommy Bahamas’, but this is much more high fashion, and about as un-tacky as you can get with a pattern like this. The men’s looks featured flowery and vibrantly colored prints as well, layered with chunky necklaces and easygoing slides. All of these beach-inspired pieces can easily be worn in an everyday wardrobe, and these punchy patterns can be the star of the show when layered with simpler styles. Take that Hawaiian top, throw it over some skinny black jeans and a slouchy stone colored shirt with some chunky heels or sequined sneakers, and you’ve got a totally unique, totally special look. Or a men’s inspired button-down can be worn to the workplace or with light shorts for a vacation-ready outfit. Either way, the beach is coming with you wherever you go.


Gucci Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear
Photo: Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.TV

At Marc Jacobs, all the stops were pulled out and a waterfall of bold patterns flooded down the catwalk. Floor-length dresses and beaded tops were mixed with head-wraps and beach-ready slides. Slightly reminiscent of Versace’s patterns, these included every color in the rainbow, with light teals sliding next to olive greens and deep yellows, and bright yellow daisies sitting on a black and white backdrop. These patterns, while worn head-to-toe on the runway, are best separated and combined with other neutrals or color blocks instead. Try snatching the one-shoulder top and pair it with a dark-wash jean or with cuffed jean shorts. Not feeling any of these bold prints? The easiest and most versatile way can be through the bags. Seen in many of Jacobs’ looks, a patterned clutch or cross-body can give the same beach-ready sense that going all out could. They are ones that can go from outfit to outfit, and season to season with ease. Picking one piece that screams ‘seaside retreat’ or ‘vacation glam’ can be worked into a variety of outfits, each with a slightly different feeling.


Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear
Photo: Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.TV


The word ‘summer’ can be synonymous with a variety of words: school’s out, free time, relaxation, and vacation. Included somewhere in there are the words, ‘the beach’, as so many travel from far and wide to visit the coasts and rolling waves. The runways displayed a variety of beach-inspired pieces, some in vibrant patterns and others in slouchy, relaxed silhouettes. Whichever you choose, everyone who sees you will think you walked straight off the beach, sand on your feet and sunglasses in hand.