Spring 2018 Trend: Americana

Written by Peyton Haahr

Cheerleading, football, fringe, stars and stripes all adorned pieces that were strikingly patriotic on the Spring runway. The Americana trend has arrived. It included, but was not limited to, the classic three colors, but included denim pieces, pleated skirts, and prairie-esque overalls. Several brands pulled on classic silhouettes and patterns to create looks that were distinctly nostalgic and celebratory of traditional America and the star-spangled banner. So, grab your pom-poms and hop into your Corvettes, because here we go.

First up, the classic brand: of Calvin Klein. Raf Simons has done a brilliant job at reprising the brand, giving it new life and feeding off of the rich history it possesses. On some of the dresses, a great amount of fringe was used to give volume and excitement. One was presented in red, white, and blue, adorned with a wavy neckline and fishnet part on the top. It was finished with simple, stark white, lace up heels, and gave the look a more polished, updated, and modernized version of classic Americana colors. Fringe is a tricky trend, but when balanced with contrasting colors (notice the pink and black accents) and silhouettes, can prove to be a showstopper. A slippery red fabric was also utilized in the show, given interesting necklines and sleeve details, almost reminiscent of windbreaker material or raincoat fabric. One look featured a knee-length blue skirt, complete with nautical inspired white details on it. If you’re looking to capture the Americana trend, don’t worry so much about making sure you have equal parts white, red, and blue. Rather strike an uneven balance (that’s contradictory, we know), one that doesn’t make it feel like it’s Fourth of July and you’re headed out to see fireworks or have a barbecue. 


Next, Monse. They used some similar ideas as Calvin Klein, combining stripes and fringe with oversized button-ups and baggy jeans. The show took place on a basketball court, with the brand’s name spelled out in the classic three American colors. It was a strong showing of simple silhouettes, inspired by track sports and slouchy styles. The one look most notably showing the trend was one of a slinky short-sleeve dress featuring thick white stripes and thinner red and blue ones. Similarly, patterned shoes were accompanied with a fur scarf, in dark navy with large white stars. Doesn’t really get much more American than that. Others gave daring combinations of traditional pieces with unqiue ones. Case in point, baggy low-rise jeans paired with a draped red dress, complete with a slit that is hip-high. Or the traditional, masculine button-up in white and blue stripes – but worn backwards. Layered over Adidas-esque track pants and sneakers, this look was a very unique take on the Americana trend.


Going back to basics was 3.1 Phillip Lim, working stripes into a comfortable and relaxed version of the trend. Cropped long-sleeves and gentle wrap skirts graced the runway, accompanied with unstructured bags and casual slides. The whole looks screamed the easy, informal nature that embodies the Americana trend. Skirts and slouchy tanks were given the same treatment, and models had their hair tucked behind their ears and more natural makeup to continue this feel. While these looks may seem only runway appropriate, that’s not true. The idea of mixing stripes and pulling on a wrap skirt and sequined tank or athletic-inspired top is a great one. It can just as easily translate to a beach cookout, a casual lunch with friends, or heading over to a baseball game in the evening.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Wherever the designers were from, they didn’t shy away from celebrating some of the brighter parts of America in their shows. The fashion presented a canvas to showcase those traditions and give them both casual and formal spins to fit the characteristics of the brand. The easiest thing to think of when we contemplate American trends is obvious – denim. But there is so much more to work with and mix into your wardrobe. We aren’t asking you to yank on your overalls and grab a pitchfork, though. Just be ready to rework and modernize some of your favorite pieces.