Written by Peyton Haahr

The famous Coco Chanel stated, “Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.

She was right in every respect, but she left out one piece: Fashion is on the screens – the big and small. It is a huge part of the entertainment industry, and is vital to the success of movies, TV shows, and celebrity appearances. Departments are dedicated to making sure that the stars look their best both on and off the big screen – and for that, we are grateful. Wardrobe changes and specific outfits can alter the tone and flow of a movie or show, and make it that much better. It is clear that what the character is wearing throughout their screen time is essential to crafting their personality and perception to us viewers, and other characters on screen.

Movies and celebrities have been elevated to icon status with the help of the wardrobe on screen. Think of the Devil Wears Prada, which is one of our favorite movies here at Matti D. We see Anne Hathaway, playing aspiring journalist Andy, change from not knowing the difference between two blue belts, to sporting Chanel boots and attending Paris Fashion Week alongside Miranda Priestly. Viewers watch as what Andy wears literally transforms her life and perspective – something we easily forget is possible by the power of a new wardrobe.

When thinking up your outfits, take a cue from some of her memorable looks and pick a statement piece to center your outfit around. See Gucci’s Resort 2018 collection, and find a stunning duster coat that will take any fall or winter outfit to the next level. Or go for a more daring look and grab a pair of thigh-high boots, like the ones worn by models at Fendi’s Resort show. Each of these pieces give a subtle nod to the movie, and give your look a high-end feel.


Take Grease for example. The iconic musical hit the theaters in 1978, and has spawned thousands of Halloween costumes, themed parties, and everything in between. Similar to The Devil Wears Prada, Sandy experiences a transformation. The innocent girl is thrown into a world of poodle skirts and cliques, and is shocked to find Zuko at her school. Throughout the movie, she wears pastel colored dresses, but delivers the shock of a lifetime when she arrives in leather and black to meet Zuko, who himself donned preppy clothing to win her affections again.

The clothing communicates tone, intention, and emotion. You can channel your inner Sandy in an ‘everyday way’ with touches of leather in your outfit, like a classic moto jacket or a bootie with leather details. See Prada’s look, with a leather skirt and cute collared top. Or even try a luxe scarf around your neck to give a nod to Rizzo. Or go all out for Halloween, like Gigi Hadid did in 2015.



Furthermore, we see our TV shows bring to life beloved characters, often times interpreting their personality and characteristics to fit our modern frame of mind. Most recently, Riverdale resurrected and modernized the long-time beloved Archie Comics. Viewers were treated to a real-life Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. To equate the comic character to live-action version, care was put into what each actor wore and how they were presented on the screens. Betty was reimagined with her classic high ponytail and pastel and light colored, innocent outfits. Veronica is brought to life with a stately pearl necklace and dark colors and laces. For a Veronica-inspired outfit, check out Dolce and Gabbana’s recent show, and give a black dress a romantic twist with some lace and elegant jewelry.


In instances like this, there is a great amount of nostalgia brought about in the production of the show, as people who have been reading the comic for years have high expectations, and are already invested in the brand. It furthers the point that a quality wardrobe is incredibly important for your life, whether you are gracing the big screen or not.

It’s easy to pay homage to your favorite shows by a cheesy graphic tee or accessory, but it’s just as fun to take a classically famous outfit and update it for the modern world. It gives your outfits a little spice – and it can be pretty exciting when someone notices where you drew your inspiration from.

Even if your outfit didn’t intentionally draw from a movie or TV, it’s plain to see how much it influences our everyday looks and the trends we see while shopping.

Next time you’re out shopping, try and consider how what you view everyday influences what you put on in the morning. But don’t forget that whatever you wear, or wherever you got the idea from, wear it with just as much confidence as you saw it worn on the screen.