S/S 2018: All About the Mixed Prints

In 2018, It’s All About Mixed Prints


If the Louis Vuitton runways are any indication, all style rules have gone out the window. Or at least where Spring 2018 and mixing prints are concerned!

We saw everything from horizontally striped tops paired with vertically striped shorts to dresses with multiple floral prints, and even in different colors. It sounds a bit horrifying but Nicolas Ghesquière knew exactly what he was doing. These looks were nothing short of a dream.

This is one of those broader trends you can interpret in millions of ways. We prefer these options…

Incorporate the Season’s Key Prints. 


Florals and stripes are two of our favorite trends for the season. Why not combine the two to gorgeous effect? Try a floral print jacket over a striped tee, all in cool colors, a boldly printed silk blouse with contrast printed pants in the same color or dark floral prints with stronger stripes. Animal prints are also strong for Spring/Summer 2018. See how they look in their latest iteration then layer on the charm.

Wear Mixed Prints via Accessories 


It’s only natural we’d be inspired by the handbags at Valentino, and this is what we saw: colorful, floral print dresses styled with colorful Rockstud handbags with floral motifs of their own and polka dot dresses with leather bags reminiscent of patchwork quilt designs. A huge contrast? Yes- but the presence of a few of the same colors in each design expertly brought the visions together.

The accessories route is especially useful if you’re intimidated to mix and match.

Let Designers Do the Mixing.

Of course you don’t have to spend a minute thinking if you’re mixing your prints in the right ways. Take a look at pieces by labels like Valentino and Jason Wu - they’ve taken care of the work for you. At Valentino this meant up to three different prints on a single garment brought together artfully via complementary or similar hues. The effect added extra interest and creativity to every outfit. The Jason Wu strategy was cleverly mixed prints - at times the same prints repeated in different colors - with another rogue print or two to lighten things up. We saw this in dresses and tops.


 Do Whatever You Want, Marni-Style.

 In true Marni fashion, we were presented with a flurry of models conjuring up images of mixed media displays. A floral print top was styled with a skirt featuring a totally different floral and in completely different hues. Florals were paired with plaids, plaids emerged with witty prints… sometimes we’d see up to three unique prints in a single look. The artistic Italian fashion house showed us flowers, birds, watercolors, cow prints - anything beautiful was fair game.


Tip: Keep your prints in the same color family for a less obvious, more fluid effect.

With our ever-increasing access to the entire world’s style (via the likes of Instagram), making unique style choices has never felt so important. Mixing motifs is one of the easiest ways to find success. Use it for personal expression, style statements and ensuring your outfits are truly one of a kind, no bespoke adjustments necessary. It’s a sustainable, eco-friendly way to avoid wearing the same outfit twice!