Menswear Trends & How To Wear Them

Image Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Men, this post is for you. The Men's runways clocked in at high speed this month, delivering a spectacular offering of effortlessly cool looks that combined the growing streetwear styles with timeless silhouettes. Many designers offered up simple styles with interesting reinventions, giving a new spin to some well-worn pieces you probably already have in your closet. We've snagged a few brands and styles for your inspection; we're hoping it'll give your style a kick-start (if it needs on, of course) or a stylish boost to an already fashion-forward man. Read on, if you will. 

Take layering to the next level. 
One of our central tenants here at Matti D is that of deliberate layering to create outfits that are mixes of various prints and styles to craft looks that make you feel confident and one-in-a-million. This goes for both women and men, and to highlight this quality, we turn to Louis Vuitton - the iconic brand, now headed by Off-White designer Virgil Abloh, gave us unique examples of how to layer and mix disparate pieces. Many of his outfits started with a base layer - a collared shirt, a hoodie, or a button-down, and were built on. Added were floral bombers, puffer coats, even sport coats piled on streetstyle-ready hoodies. You have the opportunity to go even further with this, and can open up the collared shirt underneath and show off a graphic tee layer underneath. While pairing such different pieces may seem daunting, all it takes is a little practice. Whether you start with a neutral or bold piece, work on making the others on top of it the opposite. You don't want to look like you were too sleepy to see what you were throwing on this morning, but rather like a fashion-conscious and sophisticated man stepping out with confidence. 

Louis Vuitton Spring 2019 Menswear: Yannis Vlamos /


Step two: do not be afraid to mix textures in your day-to-day outfits. For the everyday man, a relaxation-centered wardrobe is probably fixed on a great pair of jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. We're here to help you step that game up. Basic styles can be elevated with unique textures and fabrics, and then can go the extra nine yards by being paired with another texture. At Prada, a woven shirt found a home next to a hefty tweed, and a sporty fabric worked nicely off of a wool suit. Thinner fabrics often benefit from heavier ones on top, as structured or thick fabrics work their magic alongside looser cut ones. The mixing of styles not only shows that you've got a good portion of fashion knowledge, but also that you know how to make pieces work together that most would shy away from. 

Prada Spring 2018 Menswear: Monica Foudi /


At Michael Kors, volume was the star of the show - especially with the coats. Now, we know we're typing this from Southern California, and we love our 75 degrees and sunny every day, but that doesn't mean we hate a good coat. On the runway, some coats fell past the knee, others hit right at it, but all were in timeless patterns. Tartan prints were a welcome addition to deep olive greens and light browns, while longer checked grey coats juxtaposed silky separates underneath. The weight and volume of coats of this stature help balance and outfit and pull it all together. Instead of throwing on an old, worn hoodie, grab something like this instead. It's more stylish, and creates a put-together look that will have you stand out in the crowd of dingy sweatshirts and jeans. 

Michael Kors Fall 2018 Menswear: Yannis Vlamos /


Men's fashion sometimes gets overlooked - people call it boring and limited. We think otherwise. We just believe that like women's fashion, it needs a little bit of work to make it the best it can be, and that much more unique than what you see around you. Several brands gave some great examples of how to upgrade your wardrobe, and how to make everyday outfits feel more put together, but remain comfortable and casual. Fashion isn't supposed to be hard - it's and expression of your personal style, regardless of where you come from, who you are, or where you're going. We hope you take our tips and run with them.