Holiday Dressing Decoded

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware that holiday season is upon us, and in force. Basically, the minute Halloween passes, it’s holiday time. With this change comes the onslaught of parties, gift-giving, and frequent trips to the mall. And many of these events and parties we attend come with a dress code – which can be a great cause of stress for a lot of us. Making sure you are dressed well, as well as warm enough, is a time-consuming task, so take a look at some runway looks and photos to calm your nerves.

 Step One: Layering. We’ve all been faced with the dilemma of putting together a stunner of an outfit, and then walking outside to find we’ve widely underdressed and will be cold the rest of the night if we don’t get a jacket. But what if we don’t have the right jacket? What if a jacket will ruin the outfit? For those of us who don’t want to continually suffer in the glorious name of fashion, we need to either find a jacket, or layer in some way. As an alternative to a jacket, see an example from Vogue on their take on holiday dressing. They featured a simple black turtleneck under a shimmery strapless dress. Since there is black in the dress, these pieces work easily and makes it look like they were meant to be together. At Simone Rocha, this was taken a step further, layering collared shirts under dresses. At Matti D, we are no stranger to interesting combinations and layers, so these looks play into our wheelhouse. Sheer dresses were send down the runway with simple white button downs featuring detailing and appliques on the collar, bringing the look together. If you fear the look will make you look preppy, not to worry. Simply stay away from certain prints (like gingham or plaid), or fabrics, and venture towards silky, delicate patterns that play off the make-up of the dress.

Simone Rocha F/W 2017

Step two: give suits a shot. Understandably, suits don’t exactly scream holiday or party wear, but there are ways to alter them and give them a stunning attitude. This doesn’t refer to your average black suit that millions wear on a daily basis to go to work – this targets the brave, bold, and stylish looks that will get people looking. Take, for example, a tailored look from Celine. This is a conservative look, but is very chic and elegant. It can be worn closed as in the photo, or worn open with a textured sweater or flowy button down top. Pair these with thin strapped heels to complete the look, and even try piling on some rings for a unique twist. The simpler the suit, the more fun you can have with the accessories, just make sure you aren’t detracting from the look as a whole. If you aren’t looking for something like Celine’s take, look at Chanel. Tweed has been coming down the runway here for years, and the Fall show as no exception. A hound’s-tooth covered suit was presented, with thick ribbing and hems. It’s a monochromatic look, and you can continue that with the shoes and accessories, as Lagerfeld did in the show with the boots and headband. You can also have fun with the color, maybe trying a red bootie (see Zara’s take on their website), or a utilitarian boot (check out Louis Vuitton’s) for a tough-girl finish on a shining outfit. Last, for the few, see Gucci’s look. Full printed suits are tricky, but when done correctly, can be stunning. Like this one, a print with interest and volume can be a good way to go. A simple pattern can risk looking mundane and mediocre, so if you are going for the wow-factor, try florals. Play around with what type of shoe you want, but stick with a neutral, since mixing patterns is a dangerous game. Whichever level you choose to go with for a suit, it’s bound to be show stopper – it’s unexpected and different in the best way.

     Celine F/W 2017

Chanel F/W 2017

Gucci F/W 2017 

Final Step: Dress up your denim! Normally, we think that going to a party always entails dressing up and avoiding anything casual. But this isn’t always true, and for a more casual party, jeans are easy to work with, comfortable, and can be dressed up if need be. Take Louis Vuitton’s runway look for a good example. A pair of light washed jeans is paired with a show-stopping cropped coat. The jeans may not be that incredible of a piece, but the fur of the coat, combined with its coloring and the stark white turtleneck underneath screams this idea of luxe-comfort. A structured bag and shiny boot ground the look, too. A statement coat like this one is a great way to bring jeans into a dressier feel, as Kate Spade demonstrates. Capes are an underrated clothing piece, and one you truly don’t see very often. Ever cultivating the perfect mix of modernity and uniqueness, Kate Spade’s red, embroidered cape (complete with arm holes) would be sure to stand out. Layered on top of simple dark, cuffed jeans, this look can transition you from a lunch or garden party to an evening out with friends in a heartbeat. Dark wash jeans are able to give off a fancier feel than others, and by adding the leopard mules to this look, it says anything but casual. Last, Yves Saint Laurent took it home with the black jean. These are the best way to dress up your denim, and are slimming whatever style you buy. This look features a less fitted style, and a stunningly shiny top. Slouchy boots finished the look, and the model’s hair was relaxed but pulled the look together. Black jeans are great with a sparkle, and can handle any color you throw at them. In the end, jeans are not to be avoided during these party months, but rather embraced.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2017


        Kate Spade F/W 2017    Yves Saint Laurent F/W 2017

 Don’t panic as the holidays reach their peak, rather take comfort in the fact that your style will not suffer no matter how crazy your schedule is. Holiday dressing is not that hard – as long as you plan. So, as the end of the year comes upon us, go out with a bang. Throw on your party shoes, pile on the diamond rings, and shine.