Boss Lady: Leather's Power Play

Written by Peyton Haahr
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Today, we mean business. Runway-ready business. And aside from a classic suit, what else screams business like leather? Sure, silks and velvets may have been mixing business-like styles with a little allure for a few seasons now, but leather has yet to be dethroned as one of the hallmarks of a rounded-out wardrobe. We know you might just be thinking about leather jackets (and we’ll get there soon), but we challenge you to think beyond – to challenge your fashion-know-how and push the limits of what this fabulous fabric can do for your closet.

First up: the classic leather jacket. But ‘classic’ should not be synonymous with boring. Miu Miu delivered a much-needed revamp of the style, bringing out shining patent leathers alongside subdued matte colors, all cinched at the waist with a belt. Not only were the colors a standout, but the bold details and structured build of the jacket let it sit head and shoulders above your basic style. And the addition of a belt not only gives an unexpected element to an outfit, but highlights the wearer’s waist and can make you look thinner than you are. Wear these with both mini and midi skirts, or pull them on over a flowy dress for a genius juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity. Just because they are leather does not confine them to a professional or dressy occasion, and can be a go-to outdoor jacket that pairs well with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers.


Miu Miu Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear;  Photos courtesy of Monica Feudi /

Have you been thinking about bringing the leather dress back? Us too. Well, not really. But after seeing Hermes’ Fall/Winter runway dotted with luxurious leather goods, we were sold on the idea. Stalking down a mist-filled garden runway set at twilight, the brilliant mix of toughness and sophistication came through in the most Parisian of ways. The leather dresses stood out, each layered with turtlenecks underneath and bearing studs or jewels along the pockets, belts, and collars. Now, you may be thinking “A full leather dress? Way too hot!”And we would be on the same page. But fall is making its way around (albeit awfully slow here in California), and will be here soon. That’s when it’s time to pull out our sweaters and leathers. Dresses like these are bound to be a showstopper – there’s no doubt in that.


Hermes Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear; Photos courtesy of Yannis Vlamos /

Our last topic of discussion is a little different. It’s not a particular style but a usage. At Loewe, creative director Jonathan Anderson gave a spectacular showing of how to use leather as an accent. He placed the fabric in specific positions, whether it be on an interesting detail around the collar of a shirt, or of a small cross body bag that played off the colors of the dress underneath, or even through variations on a full length dress. Each purposeful addition of the fabric heightened the outfit, and lifted it to become totally different than it was before. Even the dark leather gracing the collars of striped shirts was a wonderful additive. A basic button-up shirt was given a revival, and made it totally unique. And a bag may be the easiest way to work leather into your wardrobe. Anderson’s delicate cross body offered white stitching against the smooth fabric, and a clever bow on the front. It did not need to be large to be seen. So, if big bursts of leather don’t appeal to you, this toned down version is just as wonderful in our humble opinion.


Loewe Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear; Photos courtesy of Marcus Tondo /

Whether you’re one to step out head-to-toe in leather or opt for a simple belt or bag, you’ll be continuing to tout one of the most consistent and sophisticated trends in fashion history. Leather is one of those things that will never fall by the wayside, but rather make its appearances more prominent each time it comes up for air (or in this case, for an update). As fall comes in full swing, leather stands to be a dominant force, due to both its bold nature and luxurious appeal. We urge you to find a balance between the two, and discover a piece that mixes sophistication and elegance with a little bit of toughness – but in a way that perfectly matches your own personal style and brand.