Blazing into Spring

Blazer lovers, it’s time to get excited. They were all over the Spring/Summer ’18 runways and as we’ve never seen them before.

The look is slightly boxy, tailored with a focus on the shoulders and totally nonchalant. They hit at the hips or as far as anywhere down to the thighs. And while there’s a definite menswear influence, these blazers are undeniably feminine.

Ah, fashion. Paying attention to the trends, always gives us insights into what’s happening in the country and in the world at large. Blazers never go out of style- but they do evolve and transform just like anything else in our lives. Designers the world over reimagined this staple piece in sync with a global movement that’s as vocal as ever: promoting women’s empowerment and rights.

The European Fashion Houses Go Gaga for Blazers


You can sense a mix of influences from the past but the right blazers carry these style codes into today, for a 100% modern effect. For instance, Gucci opted for English tweed for one version - a perfect purchase to dress it up seriously or mix and match magpie style (à la creative director, Alessandro Michele). Not surprisingly, Chanel introduced blazers in slightly deconstructed tweed- one of the luxury brand’s longtime signatures. Theirs were slightly oversized with a loose, relaxed fit. Jackets done right never leave fashion’s favor… just ask the design darlings at Chanel about their iconic tweed numbers, old and new.

If patterned styles aren’t your bag, solids work beautifully too. Céline sent pastel-colored hues down the catwalks that you’d absolutely adore. A key design detail? Sleeves long enough to extend past the hands, leaving only the digits on view.

Prada also had an interesting take with blazer hems that were rounded off along with sleeves pushed up past the elbows for a chic, ruching effect and to make the overall look a lot more casual. Finally, in true Chloé fashion, things were kicked up a notch - one blazer was nipped at the waist, some featured matching pants and clever patterns, while a velvet model screamed rock and roll. The easiest were long, tailored and soft. The European runways were a real blazer bonanza for spring.



How to Style and Shop for a Blazer

If you’re looking for even more style cues, here are a few we just love…

Give your look an extra dose of femininity by adding super elegant jewelry, a statement making handbag and a floor-length maxi skirt or dress. Experiment with anything from tee shirts (logo and merchandise tees are the styles of the moment) and button-down tops to cocktail dresses and safari shorts. Choose styles that are not too form-fitting, not too boxy.


And we love online shopping as much as the next fashion lover, but you’ll want to buy your blazers offline. Fit is the biggest factor - it will make or break your purchase.

Not ready to navigate the world of blazers on your own? Let us know. We’ll schedule a personal styling session.