A Cut Above: Frayed Hem and Cut-Off Denim


Why does great-fitting denim remain a staple in our wardrobes? We can wear them with just about anything and we can dress them down with sneakers or go high-fashion with look-at-me heels or boots. They don’t require much thought - they just work.


Because of their ability to transform based on the tops, accessories and jackets we pair them with, they’ve evolved into important fashion pieces that let the rest of the look do the talking… until now.




Fashion’s rebellious style movement continues and stretches over to include jeans. Today, the hottest denim looks are jeans with frayed or cut-off hems and they’re available in so many different interpretations. It’s as if there are endless styles to choose from - long fringes in wide-leg, bootcut, skinny and flare leg jeans. Cut-off denim that’s been cuffed and cut-off denim is available in too many washes to count. There are cropped and frayed low-rise, frayed and flared high-rise, cropped and frayed mid-rise… we could list them for days!




Denim has gone from subtle and loyal closet staple to the uncontested star of the show. And we’re going wild for denim and designers are too; with a sea of offerings bringing creative elements to the forefront.




What started as a bold look seen on “It” girls from New York City to Tokyo has really caught on with style devotees all over. The unexpectedly chopped off hems are a little flirty and sexy and they say, “I’m too cool to obsess over the rules”. This may be a trend but it’s a trend that throws traditional styling rules and silhouettes out of the window. The result is a look that’s undeniably modern.





Style them with voluminous, slouchy bags or go in the other direction with the latest micro minis. Wear them defiantly with athletic sneakers, elegantly with high heels and mules or eccentrically with a wild pair of slides. Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong…and if you’re still not sure, Matti D is always here for you!