2017: The Year of the Pantsuit

Written by Peyton Haahr

May we be the first to welcome you to the newly founded ‘Pantsuit Nation’. In the wake of continuing Feminist movements and Hilary Clinton’s public appearances, the pantsuit has become a symbol of power and confidence. In fall fashion weeks, this trend was very present on several runways, in a variety of patterns and color – not just your basic black. Not simply for a man’s wardrobe, the pantsuit can be a vessel to foster confidence in the workplace or be a show-stopping party look that will keep everyone talking (in a good way, of course). The options and variations of a pantsuit are endless, you can style them sexy, professional, and even casual. See the best designers give their take on this iconic look below.

Classic American brand, Oscar de la Renta, showed quite a few different pantsuits, each encompassing a different feel and idea. A dusty pink, slouchy set was sent down the catwalk, with a super thick, jaw-dropping shiny silver belt underneath. It sat on top of a simple white tee. Without the belt, you would still have a feminine, polished look with the coloring of the suit. But add a shining belt, and you add a focal point – one with interest and dressy-nature that transitions this look from office outfit to runway-ready. If you are looking for a more professional look, but still one with interest, try this dark green color. Green is one of the most popular of the season, and this deep, darkened forest green is so delicious. The richness of the color was balanced with the stark blue and balancing nature of black in the shirt underneath the look. Yet if you are set on the classic black, which understandably some people are, there is a look to see here. Slicked back pony-tail, thin-strapped sandals, and a cropped gold tee are instrumental in bringing this look to the next level. There is nothing boring about the outfit, since the gold draws the eye, and creates interest against the black. Honestly, any of this looks are worth drawing inspiration from.


Cut to Calvin Klein. Another brand centered around themes of Americana and built on denim. Don’t worry – you can relax – there are no denim pantsuits in this blog post. The few pantsuits the came down the runway were a very skilled mix of masculine and feminine notes. Pretty much nothing is worn underneath the slightly-oversized pantsuit in a classic navy. Chunky shoes give the masculine feel, and sleek hair brings it back to center. In the same vein, a familiar grey pattern with large lapels and black buttons is a simple look to master. Worn with the same open front, the flash of skin can give a much-needed sexy feel to the look. Not comfortable with that? Try a thin mesh top for some coverage, or pick a delicate tee to keep the look more dressy.


Last up, 3.1 Philip Lim. Here we got the most party and fashion-week ready looks. The suits sent down the runway were in electric pinks and blues, featuring slouchy silhouettes and trendy shirts underneath. The pink look was less daring, but with an interesting waistline and belt detail. The shirt underneath was simple, but the necklace drew the eye to the relaxed and sophisticated hair and makeup. The blue suit was amazing, with an intricate lace mesh top underneath the tailored suit. The line up the center of the shirt elongates the torso, and brings a feminine element into a masculine-inspired look. Both of these are simple looks to bring into your everyday style. They’re relaxed by confident, conservative but daring at the same time.


Whether you are headed to a job interview, evening party, even a lunch out with friends – you can mix and mold the pantsuit trend to fit your desires, body, and your schedule, too. While the foundations of the look may have masculine roots, that doesn’t mean you are limited to boring neutral colors and textures. It’s a trend that you can totally have fun with – try bold colors, eye-catching accents, and various silhouettes.

Wherever or whenever you wear this trend, make sure it gives you confidence. In turn, that confidence can inspire others to step up, take the bull by the horns, and change the world. Because after all, who runs the world? (hint: it’s us, girls)